Multiple Teams · 12/9 /2020 – 2021 Track Conditioning @ Your Home

We are not cleared to have conditioning on campus as a group as of yet. Please make sure you are doing your conditioning AT HOME until further notice.  Coach Greer


A few items before we get started on Site. Please make sure you have an Updated Physical. Please visit the Windermere Athletics website under the “more section.” Click on and follow the Athletic Clearance Instructions.  Student athletes will not be able to participate in the On Site conditioning once we get the approval without these forms being uploaded.

On your own Conditioning @ Your HOME…. workout for 12/9/2020

800m -3200m Runners: 8 mile easy run

100-400m Runners/Jumpers/ Hurdlers: 20min  easy run

Throwers: 10 min easy run

For everyone: 

5x200m Hill Runs

80-130 pushups

200-250 Sit Ups/Crunches

1200m Cool down…. & Stretch