Wolverines News · Spring Sports Tryouts

Spring sports tryouts will begin as early as Monday January 11th. In order to tryout you will need to have a completed physical on file and at least a 2.0 GPA. All physicals must be uploaded online at http://athleticclearance.com . When creating an account for your physical please do not use an OCPS student email address.  Tryout start dates, times, and locations are below. If you have any questions about a particular sport please contact the coach.

Athletic Clearance Instructions


Sport Coach Email Tryout Date Time Location
Baseball Eric Lassiter William.Lassiter@ocps.net January 18th 10am Baseball Field
Girls Flag Football Michael Stringer-Bratton Michael.Stringer-Bratton@ocps.net February 8th 6pm Deputy Scott Pine Park
Boys Lacrosse Darren Fixler darrenfixler@yahoo.com January 25th 3pm Practice Field on Campus
Girls Lacrosse Ann Bomleny Ann.Bomleny@ocps.net January 25th 6pm Deputy Scott Pine Park
Softball Eileen Hannigan Eileen.Hannigan@ocps.net January 19th 3pm Softball Field
Boys & Girls Tennis Kevin Brandt Kevin.Brandt@ocps.net January 19th (Girls)

January 20th (Boys)

Girls 2:30 pm

Boys 1:30 pm

Tennis Courts
Boys & Girls Track Jason Greer Jason.Greer@ocps.net January 25th 3pm Deputy Scott Pine Park
Boys Volleyball Derek Ihnenfeld Derek.Ihnenfeld@ocps.net February 8th 2:45pm Gym
Boys  &Girls Water Polo Trey Taunton Trey.Taunton@ocps.net January 11th 5pm National Training Center
Boys Weightlifting Eric Olson Eric.Olson@ocps.net January 11th 4pm Weight room