WHS Coach List and Start Dates

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FALL                                                                                                                                                                    2019-2020

Boys & Girls Bowling  Kier Ancona Kier.Ancona@ocps.net August 14th
Boys & Girls Cross Country Taylor Washington Trewwrunner@gmail.com July 29th
Football Fred Priest Fred.Priest@gmail.com July 29th
Cheerleading Anni MacClellan Anni.MacClellan@ocps.net July 29th
Boys Golf Eric Bacon Eric.Bacon@ocps.net July 29th
Girls Golf Maria Castelluci- Weber Weber2363@gmail.com August 5th
Boys & Girls Swimming Trey Taunton Trey.Taunton@ocps.net July 29th
Girls Volleyball Layla West Layla.West@ocps.net July 29th



Boys Basketball Mark Griseck Mark.Griseck@ocps.net November 4th
Girls Basketball Misty Cox Misty.Cox@ocps.net October 28th
Competitive Cheer Anni MacClellan Anni.MacClellan@ocps.net October 14th
Boys Soccer Alex Ferreria ASFF10@yahoo.com October 21st
Girls Soccer Trenton Fredrick Trenton.Fredrick@ocps.net October 21st
Girls Weightlifting Eric Olson Eric.Olson@ocps.net October 14th
Boys & Girls Wrestling James Baker James.Bacon@ocps.net November 11th



Baseball Eric Lassiter William.Lassiter@ocps.net January 20th
Girls Flag Football Michael Stringer-Bratton Michael.Stringer-Bratton@ocps.net February 10th
Boys Lacrosse Richard Kaetzel Richard.Kaetzel@ocps.net January 27th
Girls Lacrosse Ann Bomleny Ann.Bomleny@ocps.net January 27th
Softball Eileen Hannigan Eileen.Hannigan@ocps.net January 20th
Boys & Girls Tennis Kevin Brandt Kevin.Brandt@ocps.net January 20th
Boys & Girls Track Jason Greer Jason.Greer@ocps.net January 20th
Boys Volleyball Derek Ihnenfeld Derek.Ihnenfeld@ocps.net February 3rd
Boys & Girls Water Polo Trey Taunton Trey.Taunton@ocps.net January 20th
Boys Weightlifting Eric Olson Trey.Taunton@ocps.net January 20th
Athletic Director Russell Williams Russell.Williams@ocps.net
Asst. Athletic Director Fred Priest Fred.Priest@ocps.net
Asst. Athletic Director Mark Griseck Mark.Griseck@ocps.net
Athletic Trainer Jillian Sutton Jillian.Sutton@ocps.net
Athletic Trainer Thomas Anania Thomas.Anania@ocps.net